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It seems that anyone you ask, and some you don’t, will give you the best advice for your farm program.  During these challenging times it is critical to get good information when developing a production strategy for your operation.  There is a program in place that you are probably not aware of that can help you in making some of these assessments.

             Several Years ago the American Society of Agronomy developed an international program called Certified Crop Advisor (CCA).  Its foundation is to provide an industry standard for the crop consulting community through multiple levels of qualifications.  CCA’s must pass two exams which thoroughly cover all areas of agronomy, and have a number of years experience in the field.  Second, they must agree to and sign an extensive code of ethics. Lastly, a CCA must maintain their training with 40 class hours a year covering areas of nutrient management, soil and water management, integrated pest management, crop management and professional development.
            These specialists are dedicated to assisting producers in their crop consulting needs in an effort to build a more efficient, more profitable agriculture for everyone.  If you would like to visit with a CCA, you can locate one in your area at the following website (  Additionally, you can call one of the Wheeler Brothers Grain locations as it employs several CCAs.


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